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Bob Witek

What are benefits of castor oil for eyes?

I saw some people online say that castor oil is good to build our heath as well as our eyes. So, what eye benefits can i get from castor oil?
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  • Paige evelyn

    Definitely, castor oil is very helpful for our eyes. As we all know, Castor oil is extracted from Ricinus communis, and we should be very familiar with it because the shampoos and soaps, the friend in our daily life, include the castor oil which plays an important role. Consequently, there are many benefits we can get from the oil; first of all, the promising advantage of castor eye is that it has the ability to treat dry eyes. Apart from the dry eyes, if you have the inflammation around the eyelids, you can ask help for the castor oil, which can promptly treat the annoying inflammation. Last but not the least, sometimes you go to the hospital for your eye problem, maybe your doctor will give you some castor oil eye drops, because castor oil can also help you conquer the conjunctivitis or other forms of eye infections, especially if the infection is caused by bacterial.
  • b3st_deceptions

    Castor oil is a yellow colored liquid that comes from castor beans. It has high medicinal value to fight infections, and it has antioxidant properties to fight harmful radicals. It's also good for keep eye health. It could be used as eye drops to get rid of debris in the eyes and stop the irritation. It also can treat eye stye by placing the oil on the stye two to three times in a day. Additionally, it can treat blepharitis by dabbing the oil on the area around the eyelids. On the other side, it can improve the growth of eyelashes by those who have short eyelashes.
  • Kimberly quick

    As I know that castor oil works great to remove tiredness from around your eyes. It works much like petroleum jelly but without the mess. Before you go to bed at night, just rub a little around your eyes and even on your eyelashes. Be careful not to get it in your eyes. It will soak in overnight and leave you looking and feeling a bit more refreshed in the morning. Moreover, the castor oil can also help with dry eye. It also can moisturizes the eyes and reduces inflammation around the eyes. It appears to help some of the symptoms of dry eyelids. These can sometimes become very cracked, dry and inflamed. If you apply the oil to your eyelids or lashes it will soothe them and they will become less inflamed.
  • ea4ever2end

    Yeah, the castor oil has not only benefited for the body health but also for the eyes. Its main role is to treat the problems of eye bags. Using the heated castor oil every day in the pouch place 15 minutes, these substances in the castor oil may contribute to the solution of the department in bladder problems. Drinking too much water before sleep may cause the problems of eye bags. You can use the castor oil as the immediate treatment.

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