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Melanie gerard


Does walmart vision center accept humana medicare?

I going to get an eyes exam, maybe a pair of prescription eyeglasses at Walmart vision center. I just wonder if they accept humanna medicare. Any idea?
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  • Jolene Jonay


    I just came from Walmart in Belen, NM and I was told that they do not accept Humana. I have my prescription and I'm wondering who does accept Humana?
  • patricia flowers


    does Walmart take humana for glasses
  • cheryl harrison


    Does walmart accept humana ppo for eye glasses
  • Anome


    Yeah, they accept the humanna medicare. Whatever the after-sale service or the suitable price, walmart will offer you the best service at your buying of eyeglasses. The speed of making the eyeglasses after you order is fast. If there is any problems of the eyeglasses within three months, you can let them repair them for free.
  • Jada


    I just wonder why you ask this question here. You'd better contact nearest Walmart and ask this question. Nevertheless, i can tell you that they are likely accept humana medicare. I heard that the White House medical reform bills have been passed. Anyway, you shall go your local Walmart Vision Center for sure.

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