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Allison walker

Are anti-reflective lenses worth the price?

When i buy prescription eyeglasses, one optician recommends me anti-reflective lenses. But they are more expensive than anti-reflective lenses. Are they worthy the money?

Answers (2)

  • Tyler charles

    Compared with the regular eyeglasses, the anti-reflective lenses will be more suitable for the short sighted people for the more function. Although they are expensive, they are worthy the money because they are designed at the special point, like the anti-reflective function at the coating part.
  • Erin rupert

    Yes, if you buy eyeglasses, it is necessary to add your eyeglasses lenses to anti-reflective coating. As we know, out life now rely on many lighting subjects such as computers, lights etc. And those equipment will release many reflective light which is harm to eyes. So, i think it is necessary to shield eyes with anti-reflective lenses. Anyway, it won't cost you too much to add anti-reflective coating.

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