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Lynn Sherrill

How long does bruised eye take to heal?

I got a bruised eye. How long does bruised eye take to heal? Is there any way i can do to help them heal quickly?
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  • Hunter rose

    Whether the situation of your eyes is serious has a lot of relation to the days of healing well. Usually the bruised eyes may be well for more than half a month. You'd better use the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to quick the blood circulation around the eyes. In addition, you should keep on using the medical treatment.
  • edward

    About the time it will take, I can't give you a specifit time. Because it all depends on how serious your eyes have been hurt. But I think I can give you some advices which can help you know how to heal your bruised eyes and make your eyes recover faster. The best way to allow a bruise to heal is to assist the blood to flow easier in the area that has been bruised. Ice or cold compresses can help to reduce the swelling or inflammation in the area. Thus, the blood will flow and the vessels that were damaged will begin to heal. While when a bruise won't heal, it could mean that the damage is extensive beneath the skin. And another reason for slow-healing bruises can be an iron deficiency (such as anemia).so you should make sure that your bruised eyes would not be infected.

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