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Can smoking weed cause bags under eyes ?

I like smoking weed and there are often bags under my eyes. Does smoking weed have something to do with eye bags?
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  • Andrew bell

    Yes, smoking may cause puffy bags under your eyes. Though smoking is not the only reason for eye bags, they can cause eye bags. You know there are other reasons such as lacking of sleep, spend too much time on computer etc. So, if you want to get rid of eye bags, you shall quit smoking as well as form good life style in your life.
  • Nicholas carter

    Yes, Smoking weed can cause eye bags. First, you should know that most bags under the eyes are the result of accumulated fat in the eye area. Why they occur. When the septum surrounding the eyeball weakens, it will lead to causing the outer layer of fat within the socket to sink forward. Then in this way, they can make it look like you have literal "bags"under your eyes. And if you keep smoking weed, it will cause eye bags, because they are caused by a complex interaction between your body and the same kind of chemical reaction that produces bruises. Also, not enough sleep, stress can lead to eye bags too. In this situation, you can put cucumbers on your eyes and stop smoking weed.
  • Mariangel Gonzalez

    I know this question is old but for anyone else wondering the same thing; Just use a vaporizer and the puffy eye side effect is gone. Most negative effects attributed to weed are from the smoke made when the plant is burnt more than the plant itself.
  • Erin

    As we know, smoking is bad for our health. Containing a lot of irritating stimulations, our nerves will be affected badly, even the eye nerves. That is why you find a lot of eye bags under your eyes. You should stop smoking. And have a good rest for the eyes.
  • Connor

    Yes, they are relevant. It is universally known that smoking does harm to health. Smoking is harmful to skin too. Smoking consumes Vitamin C in human body, which means you have to get extra supplementation of Vitamin C if you smoke. Otherwise it will accelerate aging of veins. Skin under eyes is thin. Too much smoking will turn the veins there black or blue, so that eye bags and black circles exist. On the other hand, nicotine in cigarettes is kind of exhilarant. It could keep you awake all night long. When you have sleeping problems, eye bags appear in consequence. At the same time, second-hand smoking will cause the problems above too.

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