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Trinity rose

Is vaseline good for dark circles under my eyes?

I often have dark circles when i do not have enough sleep. Is it true that vaseline can help me get rid of dark circles under my eyes.
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  • Melissa garcia

    Vaseline can help you reduce the dark circles under your eyes. As we know that Vaseline contains vitamin E and C, so it will make your skin sticky, and in that way, it will also helpful in reducing the dark circles. Besides, lemon juice, olive oil can be good for your eyes, also, there are many other factors that can cause dark circles under eyes, such as the allergy and alcohol, or stress, lack of sleep. For your situation, lack of sleep is the big problem. So you should also pay attention to it . If the situation is serious, maybe you can go and ask the doctor to help you.
  • EDGAR Schneider

    Although using the vaseline will do help for the dark circles under the eyes, it will not get rid of them. The chemical name of vaseline if glycerol. It is very stable. After eating the vaseline which could also be adopted, it will not be digested and absorbed, with no harm to human. It can be melted into water, doing help for the body digestion system to make the skin smooth. It will indirectly cause the blood circulation go on fastly which may release the symptom of dark circles under the eyes.
  • abbyabbie

    Yes, the vaseline will do good for the dark circles under eyes. Dark circles form underneath your eyes due to dehydration so that means that you may not be drinking the proper amount of water needed. Remember, water is vital to your healthy, acne-free skin. The Vaseline jelly helps bring moisture back to your under eye area therefore reducing the dark circle that appear. Just the same aspect as putting lotion on your dry, chapped legs. Brings back moisture and keeps your skin soft.
  • Nicholas carter

    No, vaseline can't help you reduce dark circles under. If you want to reduce the dark circles in your eyes, you'd better keep enough sleep and form good life style. For example, you shall try to control the time you spend on computers and TVs. Go to bed early and get up early. Besides, you shall also control the consumption of alcohol.
  • Nicholas campbell

    No, it should be a fluke. The dark circles under your eyes is caused by various reasons, such as lifestyle change, aging. Vaseline is also called petroleumjelly, which contains petroleum in it. And it comes from the petrol gasoline family. Its molecular structure is too big to enter the skin barrier, thus it could cause acne on skin. And there is nothing therapic or curative in vaseline. That is to say, it would have no effect to your dark circles under the eyes.

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