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Isabel fergus


Can i clean contact lenses with baking soda?

My brother cleans his contacts with a paste of water and baking soda. Is it ok to use baking soda to clean my contacts?
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  • duncan


    No, you'd better not do this. As we know, there is the professional solution in the market for you to put the contact lenses in it. This kind of solution will help you eliminate the protein sticked on the lenses. If you use the baking soda, this will not get that effect.
  • Brandon cook


    I strongly recommend you not use use baking soda to clean your contact lenses. You know, the contact lenses are required to put into your eyes. And our eyes are so precious organ. It may get hurt if you clean your contact lenses with baking soda. Just use contact solution to clean it. Or you can try to clean your contact lenses with saline.
  • Brittany green


    Some people say that this method is from their optometrists.They say the paste of water and baking soda can remove most of bacteria and deposits and leave little abrasion at the same time. But if I were you I might don't wanna give a try.After all,baking soda has a pH more than 7,which means it may stimulate my eyes more or less.Moreover,if baking soda cannot dissolve completely,I guess it may still be a little abrasive.Besides,people who use baking soda also say they just use it occasionally. Using a product formulated specificity for cleaning the contacts may be reassuring.
  • Joshua?hall


    Well, it is hard to say whether it is good to clean contact lenses with baking soda. There are many people who mix baking soda to clean contact lenses. Also, it should be with cleaner. And that is very effective and makes the contact become clean. So maybe you can try to use baking soda. Besides, you should know that soda is very good for your health. Many people drink it.