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Angela green


Can i bend down after cataract surgery?

After cataract surgery, is it ok to bend down? What should i pay attention to after cataract surgery?
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  • eddy


    No, it is ok to bend down which may cause the sudden increase of the eyes blood pressure. You should have a good rest for the eyes, not using the computers for a long time. Even you should not watch tv often. In addition, you should not eat the spicy food which may stimulate your eye nerves.
  • Sybil


    Usually, patient are not suggested to bend down within at least two weeks after cataract surgery. If you want to wash your hair, you should not wash your hair. You may ask help from your families or have someone to help you. You can lying on the back and ask someone to wash hair to you and you'd better close your eyes to avoid any water splash into your eyes. Hope this can help you. Good luck.
  • campbell


    Cataract surgery medically requires patients to severely pay attention to the following aspects: Three months right after the surgery, acute exercises and sport activities must be avoided, especially bending down. In the meantime, excessive manual labour can do harm to your recovery. And prevent from getting a cold. In addition, patients must carefully comply with all of the doctor's advice. Taking fruits will be helpful by the way.