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Isabel fergus


Where can i buy full eye blue contact lenses?

Can you recommend some good stores that sell full eye blue contacts? Any idea?
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  • b2sweet16


    There are three professional websites where you can find and buy many styles of colored contact lenses: 1. FASHION-CONTACT LENSES, On it you can find telephone numbers to order the contact lenses you want. 2. FX CONTACT LENSES, 3. YOUKNOWIT, On this site you can directly purchase contact lenses. Those three websites are online shops. And I think that you may also find the contact lenses you want from big glasses shops.
  • Jerry


    Yes. i am also search some unique contact lenses for wearing on Halloween. And i saw some wonderful full eye contact lenses including some full eye blue contact lenses. Here are their websites:
  • Cameron smith


    I can see that you are really into full eye blue contact lenses. Personally speaking, I find them gorgerous, attractive and sensible. However, the risk of wearing contacts is not to be underestimated. Now that you want to buy, then my advice for you is to visit some large eyewear centers or shopping malls, where a lot of eyewear sellers gather round.They have got anything I could ever imagine on sale, such as Walmart, a good option.