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Eric quick

How soon can i watch tv after lasik surgery?

Life is boring without watching tv. When is it ok to watch tv after lasik surgery?
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  • classiccarguy89

    Well, generally speaking, after the Lasik surgery, you are not supposed to watch TV in the first week. Maybe it is ok to watch TV after one week. As we know that it is can be dangerous if you use your eyes which have been made surgery, it can hurt them for they are sensitive and fragile. So if you watch TV, it will make your eyes to focus on one light, in a long time, it may lead to eye strain. Then that will cause dry eyes, or pink eyes. Anyway, you are not supposed to do that. Besides, you should not do exercises like jumping, running which can lead to serious result. Just be careful about your eyes. Having a good rest is effective for your eyes. And, you should avoid eye injuries by wearing a protective shield at night and with naps until you are advised by your doctor. Also, you should remember not sleep on the side of the operated eye for the first night.
  • Makayla raphael

    You can watch TV at least half a month later after lasik surgery. But I suggest you watch TV a month later. Because after lasik surgery, it is better for your eyes to have a rest and do not use them so much to make them exhausted. In a week after lasik surgery, you shouldn't watch TV or use computer. And you shouldn't eat spicy food, too much salt or too much sweet food. Try to eat something light. When your eyes completely recover, you can watch TV if you want to.

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