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Can high blood pressure cause eye bleeding?

Will high blood pressure cause eyes bleeding? I have high blood pressure. I worry about it.

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  • b1t3_m3_8748

    Yes, generally speaking, high blood pressure can lead to eye bleeding. First, you should know that the eye receives part of its nourishment from blood vessels on the surface of the eye and blood vessels on the retina, which is the thin layer that lines the back of the eye. So if changes occur with any of these vessels, a bleed may occur. And when you have done something which can irritate the nerve system, it will make the blood pressure higher. In this way, the blood will flow to the eyes and then make the high eye pressure. And then, if your eyes suffer from high eye pressure, it can make some changes on your blood vessels of your eyes. So at that time, the bleeding can happen. Anyway, if you have high blood pressure, you should be more careful about it. Or it can be dangerous, not only to your eyes, but also other parts of your body.
  • cherrygaru

    When blood pressure gets increased sharply, the aneurysm may rupture hemorrhage. It is so dangerous that the eyes bleeding may cause the great damage for the eyes. You'd better care about this. You should go to the hospital to do the check at regular time to prove the safety of the eyes.

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