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Why do my eyes hurt when i bend over?

When i bend over to pick up my pen on the floor, i feel like my eyes hurt. What causes that feeling? Is there something wrong with my eyes?
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Answers (2)

  • cahekm_12b

    There must be some wrong with your eyes. If your eyes are too dry these days, you may check whether your eyes get the inflammation because of the bacterium. If it is, you'd better treat it as soon as possible. Thus, go to see the doctor is the right thing you should do now.
  • Makayla

    There are many causes that makel eyes feel hurt, first, you must make sure whether that often happens or not, if that happens not often, please do not worry, which may be caused by eye strain, and you need a good rest and avoid using your eyes for a long period of time; and if that happens usually, you'd better see a doctor and have a regular examination.

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