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Rickey Stumphf

Is dying your hair bad for your eyes?

I just heard somebody talked about that dying hair too much is bad for eyes. Is that true? Is dying your hair bad for your eyes?
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Answers (3)

  • Eric quick

    Dying hair is a good and quick way to have a new look.Dying hair too much will cause some symptoms such as skin allergy,hair hurted and so on. Different people have different physique.Generally speaking,dying hair won't hurt your eyes.But,if you dye your hair too much,it's bad for your eyebrows and eyelashes.On this condition,remember to ask for medical help.My recommendation:twice a year.
  • cabanaboy01

    Actually there is no big relationship between the dying hair and the eyes. As we know, the hair dying material will be chemical which contains the irritating materials. It will make the sensitive skin feel uncomfortable. However, the eye vision will not be affected by the dying materials. But if your skin is sensitive, you'd better dye your hair.
  • Ryan

    Till now there is no evidence shows that hair dye is bad for your eyes if you have your hair dyed. But if hair dye goes into one's eyes, it will definitely cause damage to one's eyes, even keratitis, iritis or cataracts. However, dyeing your hair frequently is bad for your health, which may cause allergic disease, cancer or leukemia.

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