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David Safir


Is marigold good for the eyes?

Is marigold good for the eyes? What benefit can i get if i often drink marigold tea?
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  • handwithlighter


    Yes, marigold is good for the eyes. It's used traditionally to treat conjunctivitis and other eye inflammations. Since it can help to reduce the swelling and redness of eye infections. What's more,the water distilled from marigold flowers is very good for sore eyes. So if you often drink marigold tea, you can get the nutrients which good for your eyes.
  • Tessence


    Yes, the marigold is good for the eyes. Its flavour is so light and flat. The flower leaf have the role of antiphlogistic and antibacterial action. The root can activate blood circulation. In addition, it can cool blood hemostasis. It can externally used to all kinds of skin and mucosa inflammation, while it can also internally cure all kinds of inflammation and ulcer. Containing richly phosphorus and vitamin C, the marigold has the effect for the fever down check and vomit prevention. It is the large number of vitamin C that the marigold contains that is good for the eyes. That is why a lot of office ladies like to drink the marigold tea to make the eyes look moisture. If you often face the computer for a day, you could drink it to protect the vision of the eyes.
  • Mya harris


    Yes, marigold is good for eyes. Drinking marigold tea has an effect of diaphoresis, diuresis and clearing away heat and damp elimination. When you catch a cold, drinking marigold tea contributes to bringing down a fever, cooling you and annealing. It also has an anticonvulsive efficacy and it can promote digestion, which is quite suitable for those who suffer ulcer of digestive system. In addition, drinking marigold tea can promote blood circulation and mitigate alcoholic intoxication, which do good to your liver. As a matter of fact, apart from benefiting from drinking marigold tea, marigold can be made into salad or cooked to add color, flavor and fragrance of the food. And it can cure the skin diseases and trauma, it has an effect of diminishing inflammation, sterilizing, astringing and preventing from festering and relieving sunburn and scald.