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Can you put two contact lenses in one eye?

Is it OK if i put two contact lenses in one eyes? I need prescription contacts for vision aids. And i also want to wear some special contact lenses for a dramatic look. Can i do that?
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Answers (3)

  • Hunter

    No, You are not recommended to wear put two contact lenses in one eye. Though i didn't find anyway see that putting two contact lenses in one eyes are harmful, the lenses together will be too thick and so will not sit correctly in your eyes. It is possible to scratch your eyes if the two contact lenses in your eyes. And in fact, you needn't put into two pair of lenses into one eye, you can just buy such special contact lenses with prescription. Now, prescription colored contact lenses are available.
  • Emma

    No, you should better not do this. As we know, the contact lenses are worn directly on the eyeballs which use the mucus to let them stick together. However, if you wear two contact lenses on the eyes, the eyes breathe hardly which will cause the eyes to get dry quickly. You'd better not do this.

    Well, as a matter of fact, it would not be wise for you to put two pieces of contact lenses into one eye, for there will be some potential risk of hurting your eyes. I mean, when you try to get them out, there will be some trouble which could be hazardous. However, actually, there are some kinds of contacts which have both vision aids and cosmetic functions. Try to have a look at crazy funny contacts on the Internet, they will meet your needs.

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