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John C.

Can contact lenses cause headaches?

I like to wear contact lenses instead of prescription eyeglasses. But i got headaches in recent days. Can contact lenses cause headaches?
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  • David Safir

    Yes, of course contact lenses can cause headache. You should know that it is easy for you to have eye strains when you wear the contact lenses for the first time or have wrong prescription. And then eye strains can lead to long term effects . For example, it can put stress on the eye muscles and the facial and scalp muscles, causing pain and headache. And what is worse, it can lead to making your vision become worse. So to relieve your symptoms, you should pay more attention to your eyes. For example, you can drop some eye drops on your eyes. Besides, controlling the time you use eyes and the good position and lighting are also essential. But I think if you try those more often, this uncomfortable feeling will just disappear. Besides, even you have tried those many times, you still can not be accustomed to them, maybe you should not wear them and have a test on your eyes. So that you can make sure what happened to them.
  • emptyheading

    Clean, properly fitted contact lenses should be very comfortable and should not cause headaches. Based on fitted and comfortable contact lenses, if you feel headaches, please see a doctor and make clear the real reasons.Common eye problems that can cause headaches. Eye strain and eye dry can let your eye uncomfortable and may cause headaches. Glaucoma is also one of factors that cause is a wonderful site that can provide you for knowledge about eye problems and headache.

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