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rommel abad

Does louis tomlinson wear glasses?

Does louis tomlinson wear glasses? What types of eyeglasses does he wear? Where can i find it?

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  • hand_in__hand

    Yes, he does. He wears the big frame eyeglasses which looks so handsome. The nerd type of eyeglasses is very popular this year. If you want to buy, you could go to the online stores to have a search which will save both your time and your money. You could go to the ebay or the amazon to have a look.
  • Sharron Green

    Well, as a matter of fact, Louis Tomlinson is a member of the British music band One Direction, I myself like his looks and vibe. According to his pictures, I can see that he often wear glasses , sometimes sunglasses. So, the type of glasses he used to wear is called geek glasses which is perfectly suitable to his style. You can easily find them at nearly all local optical stores.
  • Noah

    Well, Louis Tomlinson is not always wear glasses. I have a quick and deep search online I found that most of his pictures were taken without glasses. And I even searched some activities that he attended, I still didin't find he wearing glasses. My friends aroud me said, Louis Tomlinsonhardly worn glasses.

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