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Ariana oliver

What to do if you get some naoh in your eyes?

It is very umcomfortable that some naoh got into my eyes. What should i do now? Any suggestion?
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  • giles

    Well, so sorry to hear that. So, let's get to the point. What you need to do at this very moment is to use plenty of salty water in wash your eyes, until the painful feeling relieves. After that, you should go to the pharmaceutical stores to get some anti-biotics eye drops to deal with your problem. If the situation is still lousy, you should consult a doctor withou hesitation.Hope everything is fine with you.
  • Trinity rose

    Of course you will feel great discomfort in your eyes when there the naoh. You should go to wash the eyes with the clean water as soon as possible. You'd better not delay it. Or else, the eyes mat get infection through the absorption of the corneal. If you still not be at ease, you'd better go to see the doctor and have a treatment.
  • Charley

    Alkali burning can lead to serious consequences, affecting vision seriously. You still need to wash eyes with vitamin C every day, dressing every day in case of producing complications, debriding timely, and using anti-inflammatory drugs to treat. if you still feel not good, you must go to hospital for help.

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