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Andrew bell


Can food allergies cause watery eyes?

Can I get watery eyes if i have food allergies? Why?
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  • eduardoroxmisox


    Yes, the food allergies will cause the watery eyes. The watery eyes may easily be caused by the infection of the eyes from the dryness. And the dryness is the main symptom after you get allergic at the limited food. However, you should use the medicine to eliminate the bacterium in the eyes.
  • Luthy


    Yes, food allergies can cause you to get watery eye, which is called eye irritability, or anaphylactic conjunctivitis in medical science. Allergens that cause anaphylactic conjunctivitis are numerous, including mainly pollen, clammy air, dermatophagoid mite, animal furs, etc. Anaphylactic conjunctivitis is not contagious and main symptoms are red eyes, hydroncus, aningeresting, tears, itchy and scorching hot. Once you are allergic to some food, you can get above symptoms. Some people can get comedo, which often appears on the lower jaw or near the mouth. Some have the complicating diseases of fatigue, ulcer or headache. To cure the anaphylactic conjunctivitis, you first need to avoid getting in touch with the allergens. If you feel discomfort in the eyes, you had better go to hospital to check out the cause and take medicines under the guidance of the doctor.
  • Shelby harris


    Well, yes, as far as I know, allergic reactions to food, would give rise to a lot of symptoms, including dizziness, a feeling of wanting to throw up, and watery eyes as well. So, this is simply derived from food allergies. The reason for allergies is due to a loss of immune system. So, you gotta take care of your body, try to keep a healthy and robust body.