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How long does blurred vision last after cataract surgery?

I get blurred vision from a cataract surgery. My surgeon said it is normal in this recover time. Can you tell me how long will the blurred vision last?
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  • Mya

    Most of the people well got some side effect from the cataract surgery. A common side effect is blurry vision which occurs after surgery while your eye is recovering, but usually this blurriness will lessen and gradually disappear in the days or weeks after the operation. As far as I can see, in the months and years after cataract surgery, it is also very common for vision to become blurry again. This happens in up to 80% of people that have cataract surgery. This blurred vision is sometimes called a "secondary cataract" and has a very quick procedure to remedy. Always see your doctor to be sure the blurring is not more serious.
  • Ariana kirk

    After the cataract surgery, there are many temporary side effects, like the blurry vision, the symptom of swelling eyes and so on. However, if you protect the eyes carefully during this time, these symptoms will be away. Usually you will get clear sight after about a week. During the first week after the cataract surgery, you should not use the computer or tv.
  • giles

    Hello, the time that blurry vision last after cataract surgery varies from individual to individual. Most people can improve their vision within a few days or a week. But some patients may have some fluctuations in the vision even a month later after the surgery. What's more, if the patient has some difficulties in the surgery, and some other underlying eye conditions, the time will last much longer.

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