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Matthew harris


Are high-water-content contact lenses safe?

Is it safe to use high-water-content contact lenses? Is it better than common contact lenses?
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  • garcia


    Actually, it is safe and better to wear a pair of common contact lenses, because the high-water-contact lenses may be drawing tears away from your eyes to stay properly hydrated, thereby increasing your eye dryness. In addition, a high-water-content lens may lose much of its moisture more easily due to environmental influences.
  • Alexa murphy


    Of course, they are safer than common contact lenses. As we know that when soft lenses soak up water, water will allow the eye to "breathe" through the contact lenses. So obviously, the more water you can make the lens soak up then the easier it is for the Oxygen to pass through it and it is better for your eyes. And comparing with the original soft contact lenses, which are now often referred to as "Low Water Content" soft lenses and contain roughly 38% water, high water content contact lenses have over 65% water content. So it is safer than common ones to your eyes. Anyway, you can have a try.