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Cameron smith

What are the best color glasses for gray hair?

I have gray hair. Can you give me some suggestions? What color of sunglasses are best for me to look good?
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  • classynottrashy

    If you have gray hair, you can try to wear red, burgundy,or light blue sunglasses. As we all known, the color of our hair need to be matched with that of our sunglasses. Sunglasses are an important part of some people's life's, thus wearing the right color can either make or break your personality, taste, and sense of fashion.
  • Jonathan tuener

    Since you have the grey hair, you could get the sunglasses with hazel lenses which will be matched together. If there is no such color of sunglasses in the store, you'd better choose the dark series color of sunglasses which will be suitable with the grey hair. However, you could wear the bright color of clothes to match with sunglasses and the hair.
  • evil_bastardpdx

    Wow, I really admire the color of your hair ,quite mysterious in the first place, and attractive to the general public. So, as long as you have grey hair, I would like to recommend brown or blue colored sunglasses to you, because in this way, you appear to be more mysterious and amazing, not black lenses. Actually, Polo sunglasses have a lot of types that are suitable to you, just have a look at it.
  • Ari

    For gray hair, light brown, white and black may be the suitable color for you. Do not try any flaring color, such as red, yellow or blue. Because it won't look cool. Gray hair is a kind of cool and quiet color, so try to avoid such flaring color. Try them one by one then decide may be the best choose for you, as I can see.

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