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Does lenscrafters sell non prescription contacts?

Can i get non prescription contact lenses at lenscrafters? Is it good if i wear such contact lenses only for look.
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Answers (3)

  • gary

    You can get non prescription contact lenses at lenscrafters. In my opinion, it is better for you to buy a pair of prescription contact lenses if you have poor vision. If you wear the non prescription contact lenses, you may choose a wrong one. One of the most common effects of wearing the wrong contact lens prescription is blurry vision. Also, wearing the wrong prescription contact lens would let you feel uncomfortable.
  • Jade

    Well, it seems that you are going to make you eye appear more attractive, perhaps you are going to attend a party or something. Anyway, you can, yes, you can find a lot of contact lenses both of prescription and non prescription at Lenscrafters , as they are one of the largest optical products sellers in the world. Your second question is good. I mean, if you only wear them occasionally, there would be no problems. Just take care of your eyes.
  • Miranda

    Yes, the lenscrafter sells the non prescription contact lenses and the lenscrafter is such a good place for you to buy contact lenses and eyeglasses. If you are not short sighted and don't need the eyeglasses to help you see the vision, you could choose the colored contact lenses with no prescription to make you look beautiful and charming at the eyes.

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