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Ghassan S.

What does blurred peripheral vision mean?

I heard somebody talked about blurred peripheral vision. What does it mean?
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Answers (2)

  • Jose joyce

    Well, it seems that you know little about peripheral vision. So, let me tell you, as you know, our vision is comprised of two parts, central vision, and peripheral vision, which is the outer circle of the central vision. Once you have got blurred peripheral vision, you are not able to see things clearly at the brink in front of your eyes. It is a sign of bad vision health, which requires a lot of attention and medical treatment.
  • chicomm

    Well, first, you should know that if there is a problem with the processing or transmission of visual information, it is possible to have blurred peripheral vision. And when you have got blurred peripheral vision, It can cause diseases of the retina, damage to the optic nerve, and the glaucoma. So it can be dangerous to have it. Anyway, just go and see the doctor as soon as possible.

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