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Can nerd glasses be fit with prescription ?

I see there are many young people today that wear nerd glasses for fashion. I wonder if the nerd glasses can be installed with prescription lenses?
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  • clearbluesky987

    It seems that you have a high myopia and you are planning to buy a pair of nerd glasses. So, as far as I know, nerd glasses are handsome in appearance, and they could be more awesome if installed with prescription lenses. Of course it is possible for you to get your desired glasses, because not all the people just get plain nerd glasses. Just visit some optical stores, and you will find what you seek.
  • Alexander

    Yes, of course, there are the nerd prescription glasses. So you can just go and see them, and then pick a pair of glasses which you like. Of course, the right prescription is essential, or it will make you feel uncomfortable. Well, I have to say that nerd glasses are of good styles and good quality. So it will just make you have good vision, at the same time, they can make you look fashionable.

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