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Can using computers too much cause astigmatism ?

Is it true that too much use of computer can lead to astigmatism? If so, is there any measure i can take to prevent?
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  • come__tomorrow

    Well, as a matter of fact, you should know that astigmatism is an inborn deficiency in our corneal, which is a fact of life. However, if you constantly use computer without proper breaks and rest, you have the possibility to make the situation worse, but if you do not have astigmatism since birthday, you will not develop astigmatism. What you need is to pay more attention to protecting your eyes.
  • cecil

    No, but there is another reason of willfulness astigmatism. It is mainly due to the refractive interstitial eyes of the curvature result. There is another physiological astigmatism. It is mainly due to the eyelids extrusion corneal and physiological factors. The general performance for corneal former interface vertical bending is slightly big. There is another astigmatism called the crystal astigmatism. The surface of the lens on the meridian of different curvature can cause the cone crystal and so on. You could get the surgery to cure the astigmatism. At the same time, you could not use the computer too much time.
  • Jerry H.

    Yes, too much computer using can lead to astigmatism. It is fairly common, but not contagious. It is usually present at birth, but can develop after an eye operation or an injury to the eye. You can take some measures to cure it. Choosing a corrective lenses can do help, because it bends the income light rays in a way that compensates for the error. Also, you can receive laser eye surgery.

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