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How to make my eyes look like cheryl cole ?

Cheryl cole looks amazing. Can you tell me how to make up so as to make myself look like Cheryl Cole
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  • Kevin

    If you want to look so beautiful at the eyes like that of cheryl cole, you could also have the smoky eye makeup which will make the eyes look big and charming. At the same time, you could go to the online store to buy a pair of brown contact lenses which will add the charming character to you.
  • coloursoflife

    Well, as you can see cheryl cole used to be the wife of Ashley cole, the famous football player in England. Anyway, she is so hot and has got a pair of brown eyes. If you really want that kind of eyes, you should try to get some eye makeups such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrow extensions. What's more , you need a pair of brown contact lenses to make your eyes appear more attractive.

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