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Can presbyopia cause dizziness?

Is it normal to feel dizzy because of presbyopia? Or can presbyopia cause dizziness?
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  • enriquejacob

    Well, yes, generally speaking, it is normal to feel dizzy when you have presbyopia, which is caused by aging. In common, for presbyopia, it occurs if you feel hard to read small words at close distances or to work on the computer for long periods of time. And at that moment, you will also feel dizzy for your eyes to read these small prints, for they make your eyes suffer eye strain. To relieve the situation, you can try lutein and just intake it in daily life. Also, you can console it with your eye doctor.
  • Jordan owen

    Yes, it is normal to feel dizziness because of presbyopia. Those who get presbyopia have difficulty in reading small words in the prints, particularly in low light conditions and after reading for a long time, they may feel eye strain. In addition, in the course of transitioning between viewing distances, they may suffer blurred vision. If they carry out near work, they may get a headache or feel fatigue. So they have to hold reading materials at a distance in order to focus properly.

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