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Does vaseline help bags under eyes?

I heard someone said that vaseline can help eye bags under eyes. Is that true? Can you explain it to me?
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  • Allison


    Yes, it is true that vaseline will help you reduce the eye bags under the eyes. The vaseline has the very stable chemical role. After you eat it, it's not digested and absorbed. It has no harm to human. Its main characters are colorless, tasteless, transparent, jelly form liquid and non-toxic. The oral has a sweet taste which dissolves in water. It can make the skin keep moisture. The intravenous injection can reduce blood pressure and cranial pressure, passing into the intestinal which can bowel movement. Thus, the eye bags under eyes will be released because of the good circulation of blood and good stomach. In the properties, vaseline has highly water repellency which is not easy to be mixed with water. As previously mentioned, vaseline is indeed a very good moisturizing supplies and the taste of it is very weak. It can be used for general skin product to add the fragrance. If you have the allergic character at alcohol, you have the facial skin and the climate is dry, you could use the vaseline, too. Sometimes, the vaseline could also stop the bleeding.
  • griffin


    Anyway, there are lots of things you could do to reduce eye bags, such as getting more sleep, paying attention to your diet, or plastic surgeries. Also, cosmetics could be effective too, such as vaseline, they have got some eye cream that could improve your skin condition and make those bags less obvious. Here I recommend retin A eye cream to you, which proved to be very effective in treating eye problems.
  • Todd


    Many people have said that Vaseline can not reduce dark circles under your eyes, for it contains petroleum. By using it, it will clog your pores. So do not try it. You should know that dark circles are often caused due to sleeplessness or disturbed sleep. Genetics too could predispose you to developing dark circles too. Generally speaking, you can reduce the darkness by applying slices of cold cucumber to the area for 15 minutes. Also, some fish oil, black seed oil can be good for it too. By the way, using an under eye concealer also hides the unsightly dark circles.