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Is vitamin a good for glaucoma ?

I heard that vitamin A is good for glaucoma? Is that true? How?
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  • consilium_capit

    Vitamins are important for our health, especially for vision and bone. For the patients who have eye disease such as glaucoma, pink eyes, etc, take the foods which contain Vitamins, especially Vitamin A is good for the treatment. The foods that contain abundant Vitamin A include milk, egg, carrots, spinach and most of the vegetables. So take more food that contain abundant Vitamin A is good for glaucoma.
  • Carlos rodney

    Yes, the vitamin A will be good for the glaucoma. As we know, the glaucoma is caused by the unstable eye pressures. The vitamin A will be good to improve your night vision. At the same time, it will make many benefits for the retina in your eyes. It will make your eyes become moisture which will be good for your glaucoma. You should not lack the vitamin A.

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