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Alexandria taylor


Why do my contact lenses feel gritty?

When i wear my contact lenses, my eyes feel so bad just like some thing gritty get into my eyes. Why?
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  • Ariana


    You may do it with a wrong way,or your contact doesn't fit you at all,or your contact lenses need to be cleaned,another reason may be the discharge in the eyes. First step for you is check out what's the main reason for your discomfort. Then you need to follow your prescribed wearing schedule to avoid potential eye infections. The storage and clean stage are also important.Just use only the specific type of contact lens cleaning and storage solution prescribed for your lenses. If your contact lenses are not suitable for you then cause this problem. Your should ask your doctor for help ,he will check the fit of your lenses if you have symptoms of infection, including discharge.
  • califractal


    When you feel so bad just like something gritty into your eyes when you wear the contact lenses, you'd better check whether you have the eyes problems. If you have the eyes infection, you will have such situation. You'd better use some eye drops to release the problems. You should keep on eating more vegetables to add the vitamin C to moisture the eyes.
  • emptybot


    Hello, several reasons can lead to your feeling of gritty contact lenses. First, if you have dry eyes, you will feel very uncomfortable and thus you may feel gritty. Second, irritation can also lead to your gritty eyes. If your lenses do not fit you well or you do not make good cleanings on your lenses, you may got irritation, which will lead to your feeling bad, such as red eyes.
  • Edward Fannin


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