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Dawn C.

Why are ski goggles so expensive?

I find ski goggles is expensive. But i want to go to ski. I just want to know why ski goggles is so expensive?
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Answers (2)

  • Megan W

    Both ski and snowbording are extremely dangerous. The ski goggles have to be tough enough. And ski goggles can keep people from snow blindness. By the way, I think all sports equipment isn't cheap, because the quality has to be sure. People would like to purchase the expensive stuff to keep them safe. I bet this is one of the reasons of the high price.
  • Jordan

    All right, I can see that you are eager to get a pair of nice ski goggles , which could be a good companion for you winter sports. It is true that some ski goggles ,especially branded ones could be greatly expensive, for their brand value is quite high and their quality is reliable. However, there are lots of affordable ski goggles on the internet, such as Walmart online store or eBay, where you could see more favorable options for you.

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