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Matthew harris

What are good essential oils for eye infection?

Can i use some essential oils to help my eye infection? What are the good essential oils?
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  • Eliza

    Yes. I also read some articles online that said some essential oil is good for eye infection. Some people even take essential oils as a simple pink eye remedy. After have a good search online, i find that there are main tree essential oils that are good to treat eye infection. They are Tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia), lavender, and eucalyptus radiata. By using then, it can diffuse near the person affected especially bedtime. Besides, using some oils can on the area of eyes can also avoid direct contact with the eyes. Hope this can help you.
  • big john

    Yes, you can use the oil essential oils to help your eye infection. I strongly suggest you to use the rose oil essentials which could help your eyes part absorb the oil essentials to make the skin become smooth. You should at the same use the eyes drops to release the eye infection and moisture the eyes. You should drink more water to moisture the eyes.

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