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Can cod liver oil help dry eyes?

Is it true that cod liver oil can help people with dry eyes? How ?
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  • b3li3ve

    Cod liver oil contains lot of nutrition, including vitamin A and D which can be helpful for people's eyes. Our eyes get dry when we lack of moisture or vitamins. So, it's hard to get dry eyes if you insist on drinking cod liver oil in the daily life. However, you'd better use artificial tears to cure dry eyes immediately. Then, you can eat more fruits and vegetables, plus 8 glasses water every day.
  • carpediem__

    Yes, it is true that cod liver oil can help people with dry eyes. The cod liver oil owns the great role for the eyes and whole body health which is regarded as the important type. The vitamin A of cod liver oil can promote visual cells and photosensitive pigment formation. It can commission the eyes to get adapted to the outside of the strength of the light ability. It owns ths abilit to reduce the occurrence of night blindness and visual impairment, maintaining normal visual response. The vitamin A in the cod liver oil will make people's eyes become moisture to some degree. In addition, vitamin D in the cod liver oil may helps to promote the body's absorption of calcium. The lack of vitamin D in infants and young children can cause rickets. The adults lack of vitamin D can cause bone osteomalacia. Thus it is very important to own the cod liver oil which could be healthy for your eyes and your body health.

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