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John Hendry


What to do if i get vitamin e oil in my eyes?

I just got a bit of vitamin e oil in my eyes. What shall i do now to help my eyes?
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  • Noah james


    Usually it will not cause a problem, while it can iritate your eye temporarily, you need to wash it out soon. But try not use your fingers becasue you can get an infection in your eye if there is bacteria unless you have contacts. And if you put your contacts in, you need to see your optometrist immediately or you can get a serious infection.
  • Andrew hill


    You needn't worry, that won't harm your eyes. But a little bit discomfort. Actually, it can make your eyes more moist. I understand the blurred vision make people feel bad. So followed the steps I listed, you'll be fine. Clean your eyes with pure water or physiological saline at first, then blink your eyes to make the oil gathered at the corner of eyes, rewash your eyes again, use artificial tears to relieve your eyes in the end.
  • Joseph


    Well, in my opinion, you do not need to worry about it and it can be fine. And in the first, step, you can just have some pure water and wash your eyes gently. In that way, it will just wash the oil out of your eyes. And then, you can also have some warm cloth to weep your eyes. And that can just clean your eyes more carefully. And then, just be relaxed, and it can be fine. But if you still feel uncomfortable, just go and see the eye doctor.