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Is lightning bad for your eyes?

I just want to know if lightning is very bad for eyes? How an lightning affect on eyes?
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  • Jordan Brown


    Staring at lightning directly is harmful to your eyes. Our eyes can't undertake the strong light of lightning, then they get overwhelmed. The most serious situation may be blindness. People's eyes function based on pupils and crystalline lens, they deal with the light and react as the contraction. Lightning can easily causes constant eye strain, which can cause other issues. Try to avoid looking at the lightning.
  • Serena Anthrop


    Yes and no. Today in Indiana, West Point there was a storm I was watching it in the dark. I looked at my neighbors house and right when I did lightning hit something metal, it was really really bright, blue and the thunder was really really loud too. My eyes are fine but I now got a bad migraine.
  • neva taylor


    It's rarely happen in our daily life, but it's true that a lighting can cause damages to our eyes. It's been reported that lighting is more brighter than the sun. If your staring at the lighting when it occurs can cause retinal damages or even temporary blindness because the light is too strong.
  • confused_withac


    Yes, light can be bad for eyes. According to some research, lighting is more brighter than the sun, so if you look directly at then lightling and keep doing this for a long time, you eyes will be very tired and even if your eyes can not bear the strong light, you may get retinal damages, which may lead to temporary blindness. So please try avoiding doing that!