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Jonathan griffin


Does eye strain cause glaucoma?

Is it possible to lead to glaucoma because of eye strain? Or what's the bad effects on eyes because of eye strain?
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  • Catherine williams


    Eye strain always cause dry eyes and more discomfort. Glaucoma is a kind of heavy eye disease which can even lead to blindness. Eye strain may even cause the eyesight dropping, or amblyopia. In order to prevent these problem, people need to use eyes wise. Take a break per hour. Then use artificial tears when the eyes feel bad. Then, wear sunglasses when you need to go out, especially in sunny day.
  • Mark Burns


    Hello, it is quite possible. As far as I know, glaucoma is caused by eye strain as well as the stress in the mind. For example, heavy computer users are at risk for glaucoma. The strain on the visual system can also cause body fatigue and trauma to the eyeball can also cause glaucoma. So pay attention to that.