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Is it normal to get blurry vision after using camera?

After using camera, I get blurry vision. Is this normal? Am i just get tired? Or it is a sign of eye disorder?
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  • handy82

    Blurred vision can be caused by lots of reasons, such as eye aging, disease, eye injury, fatigue, overexposure to the outdoors, health problems and medications. Blurred vision may lead to permanent eye damage if they didn't get cure radically. For your case, I think you are just tired, so few minutes relaxation can make you recover from blurred vision. But you have to visit a medical professional if you still have blurred vision next time.
  • Karin

    That depends, you can get your eyes checked out. Even your eyes are healthy, you can still get blurry vision because you constantly change the focus of your eyes and your normal eyesight will be affected, it can also cause tiredness of your eyes. But you'd better go to have an eye exam just in case you have some eye problems.
  • Joseph

    If you just experience it for a while. Well, it is okay because you cannot be suitable for camera flash lights. While you feel unwell in a long time after using camera, it showed that you may have some problems with your eyes. And the most possible eye problems are strain eye and photophobia. Strain eye can cause fatigue, dizzy and tired. However, photophobia is easy to lead to blurry vision. So determine which condotion you belong to and seek the proper way to solute it.

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