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How to know if your eyes are infected?

How can i judge if my eyes are infected? I Just my eye pain and my eyes are watery. Is this a sign of infection?
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  • Robert Johnson

    Eye infection can be easily judged. Commonly eye infection accompanies eye pain, eye irritation, redness, be sensitive to light, burning, itchy in eyes. Eye pain and my eyes are watery are the most important signs to judge eye infection. When you occur eye infection, you must stay away from allergies sources, such as cat, dust, bacteria and germs.
  • Andrew Rabinowitz

    Eye infection is mainly caused by bacterial or viral infection in the eye. By the large, if your eyes are infected, you can suffer from itching, redness, pink eye,swelling, watering, tiredness ,pain and burning. So if your eyes pain and are watery, it is very likely indicative of eye infection. But there still exists an condition where your watery and painful eyes are just due to lack of sleep. We all have the experience if we are utterly tired and sleepy, or eyes could pain and can't help yawning and getting watery eyes. So my suggestion is that you get enough sleep first and check if your pain and watery eyes will get better. If not, you may have a consideration about eye infection.
  • craziblondi36

    If your eyes get infected, there must be a lot of symptoms showing out. You may feel the pain at the eyes. You may get the redness in the eyes. The main symptom of the eyes infection is the dryness. You'd better treat it as soon as possible. You could use the eyes drops to release the symptom.

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