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Paul Hathone


Why does my eye twitch after drinking alcohol?

My eyes twitches after drinking alcohol and i don't know how to stop it. Why? Can drinking alcohol cause eye twitches?
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  • amanda


    Eye twitching is very common. Many of us will experience it at least once in our lifetime. It is hard for us to predict when and where it get happen. Twitching will begin and disappear in a few minutes or even a several weeks. There are many reasons which can lead to eye twitching, Drinking too much alcohol is one of them. Many experts believe that too much alcohol can trigger eye twitches,and it might become more frequent if you has had an excess amount of alcohol. Even if it is a common phenomenon, a doctor's visit is necessary if the twitching continues for a several weeks without stopping, it will also affect the other part of the face twitching. Except that, Botox injections will be helpful to stop the muscles contractions.
  • Jenya


    Excessive and poorly regulated use of alcohol can cause eye twitching, due to hyper-stimulation of nerve ending that are responsible for motor control. It is highly recommended to cut down your intake of these stimulants if you are experiencing persistent eye twitching.
  • ellochkablecy


    After you drink alcohol, you may find that your body will be burning with the fire inside. The alcohol will stimulate your eyes nerves. That is why you get the eyes twitches. However you should notice whether you have this phenomenon during your common time with no alcohol. If so, you need to have the full check on the eyes and need the in-time treatment.
  • Alexandria


    Yes, drinking alcohol cause eye twitches because the increase amount of alcohol as well as caffeine in your body can make some disorders on your eyes due to the system change in your body. But you can still drink some caffeine or alcoholic beverages, but you need to cut back to get rid of your eye twitch. What's more, fatigue and dry eyes can also be the causes of eye twitches.