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What to do and not to do with contact lenses ?

I replace my tricked eyeglasses with my contact lenses. What shall i pay attention to when i wear contact lenses. Can you give me some suggestion?
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  • cliffistheshit


    You should not wear contact lenses over 12 hours a day, you had better control the time you wear them within 8 hours. And no matter what kind of contact lenses you wear, you need to clear and sterilize them everyday according to the prescription. When you take off the lenses, you need to be gentle in case you do harm to the lens and your cornea. Do not sleep with your contact lenses in your eyes because your cornea needs enough oxygen. When you do not wear them, you need to place them in a spectacles case with the contact lens solution or sterile normal saline after you clean and disinfect them in case of pollution and dry. Also, the spectacle case, which is liable to breed germs and bacteria, needs to be sterilized a time a week and be changed every two months.
  • elpropio


    First of all, each time when you are going to wear the contacts, you should wash your hands clean, and pay attention not to keep long figenails, because long fingernails can easily leave scratches on the surfaces of the contact lenses and there are also many bacteria on the fingernails which can infect your eyes. Secondly, the container that you store the eye contacts should also be clean enough, and make sure that the care solution inside is changed every day. In addition, if the contacts have been put on but you still feel them not in the right place, you can close your eyes and move your eyeballs so as to adjust the contacts to the right ahead of the eyeballs, and avoid using your fingernails directly to touch your contacts in the eyes. Besides, do not wear the contacts for more than eight hours a day, because wearing the contacts for too long a time will decrease the oxygen permeability of the contacts, which will lead to dry eyes, corneal inflammation and so on.
  • Jocelyn david


    Well, since wearing contact lens is easy to get infected. So you should remember the following suggestions. First, before wear your contact lens, wash your hands carefully. Don't share your contact lens with anyone, otherwise you might catch inflammation. Every night, you should remove your contact lens. Since every contact lens has its own service life, so you should pay attention to it. After wearing contact lens, you may feel itch or dry, you can take eye drops to relief. Do not rub your eyes.

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