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What way do your eyes look when you are lying?

Well, just for curiosity, what way do your eyes look when you are lying?
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  • cook

    Sometimes people's eyes will be shining when they talk something interesting or the truth. You could find the eyes have the reflection lights. However, if someone lies and talks, his or her eyes will have no lights because his or her brain is thinking something else. At the same time, he or she will not be dare to stare at you when he or she lies.
  • Mariah shelley

    If you have saw the series Crime Scene Investigation, you might find that the crimers are commonly not looking judge people in their eyes. So, when they look left, they are just fabricating or lying, while they're telling truth when they look right. In conclusion, it is true that our eyes will look a certain direction when we lie. Furthermore, the neurolinguistic programming controls our function of talking and lateral eye movements can be detected to judge whether we are lying. Well, the endeavors to exposing lies exist everywhere. However, when I lie, I will have a wandering eyes. I mean I will look around.

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