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Why do my eyes move involuntarily?

Can you guys explain to me that why my eyes move involuntarily? Is this a bad symptom?
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  • Justin fergus


    The reason why your eyes move involuntarily is that you are suffering from a condition called nystagmus. There are two kinds of nystagmus: pathological and physiological, and each one has its own variations. Pathological nystagmus is due to the damage in one or more parts of vestibular system. People with this kind of nystagmus usually have vision impairment whose severity varies in a wide range. Physiological nystagmus is a part of vestibule-ocular reflex. Nystagmus can be congenital or developed in later life. It can also occur to people temporarily as the result of disorientation or the use of some drugs. Fortunately, nystagmus can be treated by drugs such as Botox or Baclofen which helps to reduce nystagmic movements. But this just has temporary effect. Surgery that reduces null positions and head tilt is also adoptable.
  • Wendy


    It might be a kind of eye twitching. It can be caused by the condition that the functions of the intracerebral neuromechanism such as the mesencephalon and basal ganglia which is in charge of adjusting the motions are overactive, making the normal reflection of scardamyxis unusually excited. You can take the following measures to reduce this condition. Do regular eye exercises, and usually massage your eyes to get rid of the fatigue and intension. Do not overuse your eyes. Pay attention to get adequate rest and sleep. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Do not smoke or drink alcohol.