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John Hendry

Does being albino affect your vision?

Guys, will albino affect your vision? Why does that happen? What can I do to prevent this from happening?
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  • walkerpaul

    Yes, it is quite true that albino will affect vision because most albinos lack the essential pigments and proteins in that are necessary for normal vision. Besides, Albinism may also lead to debilitating eye problems, such as optic nerve malformation, strabismus, nystagmus, retinal depigmentation, iridoplegia and myopia, etc. All the conditions may result to a common symptoms of albinos, namely photophobia. Therefore, to prevent this happening, you should take care of your vision and the comfort of eyes. You can wear protective lenses when going out to help reduce sensitivity to light. In addition, you can also wear hats that help to block the ultraviolet rays from reaching the eyes.
  • Gillian

    Yes, albino affect your vision. Usually, people who suffered from albinos will also experience nystagmus or stigmatism. And usually people with albino often have bad eyesight. And till now, i have no idea how to prevent it. You'd better consult your doctor and treat your albino. Since the vision problem is caused by albino, perhaps curing albino can prevent the vision problem.
  • Caleb may

    Albinism is a congenital disorder. People who got it is easily characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. Albino has a bad effect on vision. Photophobia and decreased visual acuity , reduced visual acuity, amblyopia and so on are all closed to albino. For the most part, treatment of the eye conditions consists of visual rehabilitation. Surgery is one of treatments.

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