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Is herpes simplex of the eye contagious?

I just want to know if herpes simplex of the eye is contagious.Any ideas?
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  • bell

    No, herpes simplex is a diseases resulted from herpes simplex virus (HSV). But it won't spread to others. If you have very severe herpes simplex and very weak immune system, the herpes simplex may spread from one eye to the other ot spread to other parts of your body such as retina or brain etc. But it won't spread to other people. Nevertheless, you'd better consult an eye doctor and treat it immediately.
  • Jacob adams

    well,i am so sorry to tell u that this is actually contagious and u need to be very cautious if u catch this by accident.u had better go to see an eye doctor as soon as possible or ur situation will just get worse which u will not expect.U should know that if u want to get ur situation better and earlier,u nee to take enough measures to make everything get good.Anyway,wish u good luck.

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