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Jordan owen

How long do I have to use eye drops after cataract surgery?

How long do i have to put drops in my eyes after cataract surgery?
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  • kathy

    In common, Antibiotic eyedrops are applied following the surgery to help you prevent infection. Usually, the Antibiotic eyedrops shall used for about a week after the surgery. They can help you fight against inflammation. Also, some people may suffered from dry eyes after the surgery. So, some lubricated eye drops may applied after the surgery. Anyway, you shall consult your surgeon or your ophthalmologist for a better care to your eyes according to your specific situation.
  • Myra Taylor

    First of all,u need to know that eye drops after cataract surgery r mainly for preventing ur getting an eye infection or an eye inflammation.U have to know that ur eyes will become very fragile in a short time after this surgery so that u need to have some eye drops to have ur situation relieved so that u can recover soon otherwise ur situation will just get worse and worse.And in most cases,u should keep using ur eye drops for at least one week.Trust me,this is totally for ur own good.

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