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Hunter rose

Are bifocal glasses better to you than progressive glasses?

If someone has tried both types can you say why you prefer one over the other?

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  • if you don't want people to know you are wearing bifocal lenses at one glance ,then the progressive lenses are good choice .if you suffer more than two kinds of vision problems,then choose the progressive .usually progressive eyeglasses lenses are more expensive than bifocal lenses and other kinds. for me ,I would choose the progressive cuz I hate the line .
  • walentynka

    It is hard to say which one is better. It mostly depend on your usage and your value on eyes. Both of them have the function of correcting vision to far and near. One of the most prominent differences is that bifocal lenses have obvious line while progressive not. In fact, some people even called progressive lenses as no-line bifocal lenses. So, from appearances, progressive lenses nicer than bifocal lenses.

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