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Why does my left eye keep twitching?

My left eye keeps twitching recently. They said that I will meet something bad. Really? Can you tell me why does my left eye keep twitching?
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  • Jason warren

    Dear friend, it is the superstition that the left eye is twitching will bring you bad luck. But the superstition in china said that the left eye twitching will bring you a sum of money. However forget all about this. I think you twitching eye may result from lack of sleep or eye strain. You can have a good rest in the night then the symptom will go over by itself. Don't worry.
  • Brittany

    Twitching eye is a common problem for many people. It is not a serious problem and usually will not lead to big problems. It is spontaneous and uncontrolled spasms of the muscles. The muscles can move the eyelid of our eyes. It may be triggered by factors such as overwhelming stress or fatigue. If you are too tired, you can have a good rest to help solve your problems. Then your symptom tends to stop on their own, if your twitches spread to other parts of your face, or continue for more than two weeks. You’d better consult a family doctor.

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