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What is the meaning of right eye flickering?

It is so strange why my right eye flickering? Why? What does it mean?
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  • Christina nelson

    Friend, it is quite common among people. Eye flickering can be called eye twitching is too. Usually, our bottom eye lid twitches, but sometimes the top eye lid will twitch. It can be very annoying but it will do no harm to our eyes. If you are just facing a certain amount of stress in recent days, your eye flickering is a sign of stress.
  • Eric quick

    Dear friend, it is a common phenomenon among most people. Eye flickering may mean that you are so tired recently. I know that lack of sleep often cause eye flickering. You need to grab enough sleep. Or if you are allergic to something, your eyes may start to itch and swell and your eyelid may twitch. You can use antihistamine drops to help in such cases. If you are suffering dry eye syndrome, it may show signs of eye twitching too. And excessive hot beverages like coffee, tea, or alcoholic drinks can lead to eye twitching.

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