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Why do i have problems with eye contact?

I am a current glasses user. I bought a pair of contacts last week. But I found that I have some vision problems. I can't see things clearly with my contacts. I don't know why. And my eyes are easy to be dry when I wear contacts.
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  • chrissyonline

    Dear friend, have you asked your optometrist to have your eyesight checked before you buy the contacts? If you just use the prescription you buy your glasses, there might be some small mistakes about your degree. You'd better have your eyesight checked in the morning before buying a new pair of glasses or contacts.
  • Bob Witek

    You can ask your eye doctors to tell you why the contacts caused your vision problems. but dry eye is a common problem for contact users. It is not a very serious problem. You can use some artificial tears to moisten your eyeballs when you wear contacts. When you don't need the contact, you must take off them. And remember that never sleep in contacts, because this will cause serious problems for the long run consideration.
  • Rebecca

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    Firstly, you need to check whether the prescription is right or not. Moreover, if your eyes are easy to be dry, please do not wear it for a long time. It is suggested to wear contact lenses for 8 hours a day and your eye need to have a rest. Hope this helpful.

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